About Us

Our Commitment
Innofuel Energy Solutions™ is committed to helping businesses increase their sustainability goals. Recent studies have found that 7 billion tons of plastic manufactured since 1950 can be found on Earth as garbage in landfills, recycled trash or pollution in the environment. In addition, it is estimated that plastic recycling rates in the United States are 9% to 11%. Based on these percentages, even the best intentions to recycle only delays plastics from eventually ending up in landfills or being discarded as pollution.

Our Solution
In response to this global issue, Innofuel Energy Solutions offers secure, end of life solutions for low value plastics, paper and cardboard that are difficult to recycle. Our unique process produces a clean energy product that can be used by large furnaces or kilns as an alternative to burning coal. Our operations have the capability of keeping over 250,000 tons of plastic, paper and cardboard waste annually out of landfills.

Compared to the use of coal, our finished product, is shown to reduce Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Sulfur Oxide (SOx) levels by 50 to 70% while reducing fossil fuel use and improving carbon footprint levels. INNOFUEL™, an engineered fuel, is a manufactured product with a commercial application utilized as a coal substitute in a combustion unit where coal is burned. This alternate energy source is manufactured from various non-hazardous industrial and commercial materials, which hold no value and has historically been disposed of in landfills.