What does Innofuel Energy Solutions™ do?

Innofuel Energy Solutions provides end of life solutions for low value, difficult to recycle plastics, paper, cardboard and synthetic fiber materials. These materials are processed into a high BTU engineered fuel which can be utilized by large industrial furnaces or kilns as a clean burning alternative to coal.

What is INNOFUEL™ an engineered fuel?

INNOFUEL, an engineered fuel, is a manufactured product with a commercial application utilized as a coal substitute in a combustion unit where coal is burned, such as a cement kiln, lime kiln or utility boiler.

What are the benefits of INNOFUEL™ an engineered fuel?

INNOFUEL helps customers meet their sustainability goals by avoiding landfill disposal. Our process ensures that incoming materials are securely destroyed, greatly reducing customers’ liabilities. Compared to the use of coal, our finished product INNOFUEL, an engineered fuel, is shown to reduce Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Sulfur Oxide (SOx) levels by 70 to 80% while reducing fossil fuel use and improving carbon footprint levels.

Where is Innofuel Energy Solutions™ located?

Innofuel Energy Solutions is located at 6480 Airport Road, Gary, Indiana 46406.

What is Innofuel Energy Solutions™ EPA ID?

EPA ID# INR000144097

How does someone request service?

We can be reached multiple ways: