Health & Safety Policy

In our endeavor to market and provide our services, Innofuel Energy Solutions™ is committed to maintaining the highest standards to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers, the public and the environment. It is recognized that management and all employees must work together to provide a safe environment in our workplace. As a core value, we will seek to proactively prevent illnesses, injuries, damage, and loss resulting from our operations and actions.

  • Each employee is responsible to take every reasonable step to achieve and maintain health and safety compliance.
  • Management shall promote awareness, self-discipline, and a positive attitude towards health and safety.
  • Supervision at each facility has the responsibility of developing a health and safety plan and a work plan that complies with OSHA regulations and company guidelines. They have the authority to take corrective action to achieve compliance, including the shutdown of operations if necessary, and the accountability to inform management of noncompliance issues.
  • The team will correct, in a timely manner, all hazards identified through self-inspections, employee reports, accident investigations.
  • Management shall provide supervisor ample, knowledge, direction, instruction and training to ensure the safety of our employees.
  • Innofuel Energy Solutions will promote employee participation in creating a safe work environment and reporting unsafe work conditions. Performance shall be one of the key factors used during the performance review.

This Health & Safety Policy has been reviewed and endorsed by management and all employees shall give their full support to this policy.

Innofuel Energy Solutions encourages its employees to take ownership in its health and safety program, which promotes teamwork, with the understanding that safety starts with every single employee.