What We Do

Innofuel Energy Solutions™ processes a select variety of materials into a high quality, engineered fuel.

Examples of inbound feedstock include:

  • Thin Film Wraps and Bags
  • Flexible Plastics
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
  • Release Liner
  • Laminates
  • Waxy Cardboard
  • Automotive Trim Scrap
  • Synthetic Fibers
  • Foams

Unacceptable materials include PVC, metals, tires, food waste, highly odorous material, hazardous waste and medical waste.

Materials are received in multiple ways:

  • Loose in compactors, walking-floor trailers, end dumps or rolloffs
  • Van trailers containing bales, cubic yard boxes, pallets

INNOFUEL™, an engineered fuel, is a manufactured product with a commercial application utilized as a coal substitute in a combustion unit where coal is burned.